We offer week long mini-camps during Spring, Summer and Winter School Breaks. Information about our camps are below.
For specific dates/times please visit the individual Camp Pages.
Fractal programming suspended until further notice

Price: $200 for Week and 20% off total price when registering more than 1 child.

Project Titles :
All projects are available the week of camp

Drawdios: build a Drawdio from a kit and be able to compose or recreate music pieces
Scratch: MIT designed a software to create your own computer game
3D Modeling and Printing: Using Google SketchUp to draw your own models in 3D and then print on a 3D Printer
-Sewing for beginners: Learn how to use a sewing machine, create a sewing pattern (ie: clothes, dolls, backpack, etc), and create your own product

Participants will spend Monday deciding how they are going to conduct their project, Tuesday-Thursday building their project, and Friday presenting their project to family, friends, and community members.

To register please visit the Sector67 classes page or click on the dates listed above. 
You can only register 1 participant per email account of the Sector67 website, if you have more than 1 child to register please email