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Why Fractal?

Fractal workshops are geared for ages 5-13.
We use participant-led, inquiry-based Learning techniques to focus more on the interactions and individual learning experience instead of main learning objectives. We understand that each person learns differently and even if we're all in the same room we are all going to come out of the same experience with a different learning, understanding of a concept.

Contact Information

Phone: (608) 218-4571
Fractal is housed at Sector67-2100 Winnebago St. Madison, WI

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Fall Workshops

Dates for upcoming Fall Workshops have been posted and can be viewed by clicking on Workshop Title under the "Workshop Classes" Tab.

Get Involved with Fractal

If you would like to get involved with Fractal please feel free to contact Heather at

Fractal is trying to find college students or community members interested in volunteering to help create and run Fractal sessions. If you would be interested in volunteering please email Heather at